Anonymous said: For the red bullet goods, do you have a kind of limit for order, since they're concert merch. Because there's like no more photo sets and light stick. So I would like to know if I'm going to have them like shipped, since I made an order on Saturday ? Thank ~

You mean limited stocks? yes, once they are out, they are completely sold out.

Anonymous said: when will shipping for the Red Bullet goods be complete?

They are being processed now, so it will be completed within 3 days after order.

Anonymous said: Hi !! Did you start shipping the red bullet goods ? Huhu. Thank you ~

Yes, we started it today.

inspirit-toppklass-army said: ya, that's the one i meant. Oh ok, i wasn't sure if those figures and things were being sold yet. Thanks!

Your welcome, Please feel free to contact us any time.

Anonymous said: Does the new Epik High album come with a Art Book

Yes it comes with Art Book.

Anonymous said: will you restock on the bts merch? i noticed that the hoodies have been taken down

Sorry, once it’s out, it is completely sold out.

inspirit-toppklass-army said: maybe? i don't know. They're like the figures and i guess stationary and things like that

Are those these?

Anonymous said: I'm having a problem with canceling my order. I sent an email yesterday and I still received no response. What could be the problem??

We are off duty during weekend, customer support team will soon reply your email.

Anonymous said: When will red bullet concert items begin to start getting shipped?? also the hoodies have been taken down off the website, its it because its now all sold out?

Yes they are being shipped now, and hoodies are completely sold out.

Anonymous said: I was wondering. If BTS Red Bullet shirt is one size. How big is it? Cause I'm not really a small....

Yes, it is average Asian woman size.