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alwaysbetruetoyourselfx said: even if it doesn't say on "1 random photocard" on the description will it still contain a photocard? thanks

Which item are you asking about?

alwaysbetruetoyourselfx said: did kpoptown ever sell exo showtime dvd? and if so how much

As far as we know, the photo known as EXO showtime DVD Package is photoshoped by their fans.

Anonymous said: Can you please specific in the description next time if an album and/or photocards has legitimate signitures or not? It would help a lot. Thank you!

Sure, we will. Which item are you asking about now? 

Anonymous said: hi! i was wondering when the bts dark and wild albums will begin shipping out? o:

All BTS Dark And Wild album order will be shipped by today

alwaysbetruetoyourselfx said: if you order one unfolded poster and one folded poster, can both posters be shipped as unfolded without additional cost?

Yes, Most time, we shipped them together without charging any additional cost.


@ SM Live World Tour in SEOUL

Anonymous said: What's the difference between postcards and photocards? Also, what's a paper frame?

Photo cards and post cards have different size, and paper frame won’t be included in packages.

Anonymous said: Hi, I'm not sure if this question was asked before or not... But if an order is being sent back to you guys and I would like it to be re-shipped, do I have to pay the shipping fees AGAIN?

Yes, if it returns to us, you have to pay shipping fees again for reshipping. Otherwise we will issue you refund for items.

Anonymous said: Hi, I thought you guys say you will restock the Infinite concert goods this week but then you guys say you won't restock any.... so are you guys still going to restock them?

I think we already restocked them on last Friday.

Sorry, we won’t restock it again.