Anonymous said: Can you tell me your honest opinion on the SM pop up store pillow cases? I want to purchase one of the shinee pillow cases. Are they soft and comfy?

Yes, it is soft to us.

infinitely4k said: Hello! My huge order came today!! I just wanted to tell you guys haha! Thank you for the good service!

You’re welcome!. We are happy to hear that.

Anonymous said: My BTS Now came today in perfect condition and quicker than expected! i was so happy and surprised :D thank you a lot!!!!

Your welcome. We are pleased to hear that.

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B1A4 Baro in Laos! 
Other 2 Guys are handsome and lovely.

[Review] Banila Co Prime Primer Classic

Hi Everyone!
Wow I need write this review very fast because I need go to sleep why tomorrow I will start with the College again. The vacations are ended.  But well   this means I´m going working more on my future and that makes me feel good. (b・ω・d) Now is time to talk about the review, my first time with this Korean Brand called Banila Co that was very popular for their cc creams but after read many reviews I concluded that CC Cream was a very yellow tone for my skin tone, but this product the Banila Co Prime Primer Classic always been on my wishlist and now is time for make a review about this product.
All is Korean~
(・ω<)☆ Ingredients~
All in Korean~
!!(。 >艸<) Back Side
(・ω・)ノ  Close-up!
◈ Packaging: The packaging is very simple is black and matte transparent plastic the bottle. But I like it because is small so is easy to carry on my makeup bag.  I like that has a nice dispenser and the dispenser has a top.
◈ Price: The price in Kpoptown is about $15.88 without shipping included  but the price of shipping is not to much so I think the price is very good, obvious is not cheap but for me this product has a nice price because you only need a small amount of product for your entire face. 
٩( ❛▽❛ )۶ Dispenser
And small drop of Banila Co Prime Primer Classic
◈ Texture: This product has a gel texture that is gorgeous for my oily skin. It absorbs by my skin very quickly so for me the perfect is excellent. Just a gel not greasy or creamy. 
。⋆⸜(ू。•ω•。)After spread~ Soft and Matte“
Please support my video review~(>人<;)
o(`ω´ )o I show here my Bare Face with a Demoabout this product~
And I talk a bit about this product too~
◈ PROs
- Gel texture.
- Is absorbed into the skin quickly.
- Compact packaging.
- Hygienic dispenser.
- Leaves my skin matte over 5 hours without retouch with powder.
- This reduces the size of my pores.
◈ CONs
- On many countries you only can buy this product online.
I tried Korean primers in the past but Wow this is very different because the gel texture is great because leaves my skin matte and is absorbed very fast. ・゚・(゚´Д`゚)・゚・ My skin is very oily and this product leaves my skin matte in few seconds after apply. And this product maintain my skin matte without retouch over 5 hours after apply, this is magical and I love it. This Banila Co Prime Primer Classic worth the money it costs. I recommend this product because really reduces the size of my pores and leave my skin matte but very soft. I recommend this to 100%

You want buy the Banila Co Prime Primer Classic?
Click Here

My face is not perfect, but I like use makeup for improve my good factions`~。(b・ω・d)
Me after use the Banila Co Prime Primer Classic
I hope you enjoy this review~
I hope you have a cute week!

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choi-andee said: How can i change my shipping address and i need to add an additional order, can i cancel my first one since i haven't pay it yet thru western union?

Please contact about it.

Anonymous said: How long does it take to cancel an order?

We cancel it as soon as we read email.

Anonymous said: What does this part of your email mean? "If your order was made before weekend, 7.4 will be possible after weekend." This was sent to me right after I ordered an album.

It was supposed to be If your order was made before weekend, shipping will be possible after weekend. Could you check encoding option of your email account?

Anonymous said: Will you restock EXO official light stick ?

Sorry it is completely out of stock.

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