Anonymous said: Hi I'm really intrested about the autographed b1a4 solo day album. Just curious how you guys get them signed and also wondering if it comes with the poster and photo card. Thanks so much I really appreciate what you guys do!!

We contact to manufacturer for autographed album.

It does not have poster, but it has photocard.

Anonymous said: hi ! I paid my order already and I want my money back is it possible?

Please contact to for all issue regarding cancelation and refund.

Anonymous said: Hey there! I bought GOT7's GOT♡ autographed photocards and album a while ago & it still reads "Payment Acccepted" (or something like that, rather than shipped). When will it be shipped?

The item will be released by August.

VIXX >ㅁ<

Concert Official goods will be arrived soon in few days.
We are continuous listing a variety of Vixx goods.

VIXX Concert - “LIVE FANTASIA HEX SIGN” Official Goods Survey!!

Anonymous said: Hello, I'm 15 years old. I live in US. I'm so interesting in to be kpop idol. What should I do?

Hello. Nice to meet you.
Why didn’t you support Global Audition?

Please check this link

Anonymous said: Hello! I was wondering if you guys would carry WINNER's album when they debut in a few weeks?


We heard that they will come back 1st-August.

Anonymous said: Hello~!! I would like to buy f(x) Pink Tape album and I was just wondering if it still comes with a photocard? Thank you! :)

Sorry, it is only for pre order.

We do have few stocks left in warehouse, but we cannot confirm you that we will send you the photocard.


Name of product: Etude House Dear my blooming lips talk / pink talk

Product Type: Lipstick

Colors: PK012 (Barbie pink) , RD302 (Bright Red), PK019 (Slightly berry pinkish purple) [I’m not too sure what the colour is in English, these are only what I think]

Description: Smooth textured lipstick supplies vivid color and moist shine.

It comes in a cute little box that says “Dear my blooming lips-talk / Pink-talk”. The lipstick itself is pretty cute with a twist cap and a little bow. You can actually twist the bow off to wear as a ring (no picture to demonstrate yet). The stick has “Etude house” engraved on it to give a more professional and delicate look. The whole lip tube amount is around 3cm long.

Etude house released the two different type, one is the normal lips-talk and the other one is F(x) Krystal pink talk. The pink talk version just has all the different shades of pink.

Coverage: The colour is extremely pigmented and bright, as you can see in the pictures above in three different colours. It gives a very good and vibrant coverage with last up to 5 hours (minimum with full application on lip). You can create the famous gradient lip look with it or do a full lip colour.

What I think of the product: I absolutely love this line of lipsticks. It is my all time favourite lip products from Etude house, the colours are bright and strong for me (especially if you have paleish skin, the berryish pink will look amazing on you). It’s long lasting and smells nice. It isn’t too expensive but bear in mind that I purchased these lipsticks on kpoptown around £5 (shipping price not included) which is about $8. To me, that’s a decent price for lipsticks and for such a good quality product as well.

When applying, it doesn’t feel heavy or dries out your lip. It actually feels quite soft and light. For a better and smoother application, apply some Vaseline or some sort to give a nice base to it. WARNING, I repeat DO NOT apply this product on your lip if they are chapped or extremely dry / flaky skin, it will not look nice at all.


- 35 different colours to choose from with a range of different shades

- Not too heavy or drying

- Vibrant colour

-“Great to create a gradient look

- Small package to even fit your pocket.

- Cute little bow ring touch.

- Long lasting even without reapplying

-:They also released a similar line of Dear my blooming Jelly lip which is almost the same apart from that it’s a Vaseline based type.


- The shape of the product however, doesn’t fit in my lipstick makeup box very well as it has a very rounded chubby middle part.

- Since it has a range of colours, the caps doesn’t actually tell you which colour it is / what it looks like, it only tells you what colour in code.  Which for some, if you have more than one or two (like me) of this product, it’s hard to know which is which.

Ratings: 4.5/5

Would I buy again?: Most definitely! I’m actually planning on buying at least 5 more different shades and range when I go back to Malaysia! So look out for more reviews on this.  

*images are mine, please credit if repost.

*product may work differently on others

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Anonymous said: 202891 is my order number

Please contact to our customer service, email with you email account registered at our site for all message regarding your order.