Dollish Eye Gray Circle Contact Lens Review


Hi Guys! So this is my first time reviewing circle contact lens, even though it’s my second pair of contacts already. I bought it from, you can also buy it here. They are sister company, so yeah. :)


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kpopae asked: Hello, I was wondering if you're gonna note on your website if the gifts for the EXO 2nd Mini Album - Overdose + EXO First Box DVD - Special SET is out of stock already?

We restock them. You can order now.

saranghae-rae asked: For the EXO overdose K+M set, are there 2 different posters or do you just give 2 of the same one?

It is 2 same ones

myunggirl asked: what is order id?

Order id is unique order identification number.

[Review] Color Lense - Alice in wonderland

Another long overdue review I’ve been meaning to get done. Thank goodness I took some updated photos with these lenses in. I think these look better than the other pictures I took… mainly because I love my hair now.
But enough about that, let’s dive into this lens review!

As usual, the lenses come in the standard box & vials with the name on the bottom of the box & the power level of each lens on the cap of the vials.
I should have used a different background to photograph these lenses, because the gray color is opaque. These lenses REALLY show up on my eyes. I think out of all the lenses I’ve received, these have moved to my top favorite lenses to wear on a daily basis [ or when I remember. An hour & a half drive is really tiring on my eyes, so I wait to put these in when I get to work. ]
Background Information
BRAND ] Beauty Lenses - Alice in Wonderland
MANUFACTURER ] Dueba Contact Lenses
MATERIAL ] Soft hydrogel ( Poly HEMA ), saline.
MOISTURE CONTENT ] 38 ~ 42% water.
DIAMETER ] 14.5mm
[ BASE CURVE ] 8.9
DISPOSABLE ] up to 1 Year. ( depends on frequency of use & care )
One in.
Natural Lighting.
Onto the ratings!
DESIGN ] 5/5. The prominent black outer ring really makes my eyes look dolly-like. These lenses almost look like they’d be real, at least in my opinion.
COLOR ] 4/5. I adore how opaque these show up on my eyes, however, I wish they had more shades of gray [ no pun intended ].
COMFORT ] 4/5. The lenses do give me some trouble with drying out too quickly. On a good day, I can get away with wearing them for 4-5 hours. However, there comes those days when one eye is dryer than the other & it happens within maybe 2-3 hours of wear.
ENLARGEMENT ] 5/5. Standard size I normally buy.
OVERALL ] 4.5/5. Other than the occasional dryness, these lenses have become my favorite pair to wear. They show up wonderfully on my eye. 
Ah, I really love these of me. ^^;
Link :

onewfuckmeinanelevator asked: Do you know when you will be getting EXO's Overdose up for pre-order? C=

We will have it by next week.


I’ve been so tired and lazy these days ;A; but anyway, today I’ll be reviewing the Glam Eye Typon Gray lenses sponsored by Beauty Lenses!
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I’ve been so tired and lazy these days ;A; but anyway, today I’ll be reviewing the Glam Eye Typon Gray lenses sponsored by Beauty Lenses!

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wow-fantaostic-blinger asked: Hey I'm trying to contact Kpoptown support and my emails keep failing? I am using kpoptown@hotmail(.)com. Where am I suppose to contact them at?

It is, it should work.

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