Anonymous said: will you be restocking the VIXX slogan ver.2?

Yes we will restock it soon

Anonymous said: are you going to restock bts x ceci again?

Yes we will restock it soon.

Anonymous said: Do you sell EXO official light stick ? :)

It is completely out of stock now.


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When fan present small dolls.

He is so cute >ㅁ<!

Anonymous said: The shipping for BTS x Ceci went up? Use to be 10$ now it is 14$

Yes, We did, since the estimated weight of the item is way lower than what manufacturer says.

Anonymous said: is the bts photobook rly back in stock? i heard from u guys earlier that it was completely sold out..

Yes it was, but we hardly get really few stocks extra.

Anonymous said: When are you shipping BTS - Now in Thailand photobook ?

We will ship it by today, i think.

Anonymous said: When will you open the second batch of preordering for the Ceci BTS special? Thanks! :D


Unfortunately It is not confirmed yet. Sorry :D

// Update

We just opened it.


We just restock BTS Ceci Special.