Anonymous said: For bts's album, 2 kool for skool, it said "package: CD" does that mean that I won't be getting a photobook, postcard, and photocard?

Sorry, i don’t think that packages has photobook or extras.

Anonymous said: No need to reply to this, but, I messaged you guys last night for the ID number situation, please reply as soon as possible, thank you :)

We are off duty during weekends. We are currently replying to all messages arrived to us in order, you will get our reply soon.

iamyouriceprince said: Your customer service e-mail isn't working. I need response on an order that didn't arrive complete.

Could you try again?

We are currently receiving messages well. Could you try with

Anonymous said: Hello, I ordered something and you gave me a partial refund because it was out of stock. How can I get my full refund?

First of all, sorry for out of stocked item.

To cancel your whole order, please contact to

Anonymous said: Hi! I was wondering if the Winner posters are in stock yet??—winner-official-goods-2014-winner-poster-set-5sheets-.html

It is in stock now.

Anonymous said: The winner album I ordered from you was the cheapest I could find and after it was shipped it only took a week and four days to come. I'm very pleased with my order and will be ordering from you guys once again. Thank You :)

Thank you, We are pleased to hear that. Hope you enjoy our shop soon again.

Anonymous said: My album arrived so fast! Thank you very much! :)

Your welcome. We are good to hear that.

Anonymous said: hello, may I ask where can I see what's my kpoptown account ID? I need it for an important email and I don't quite understand what it is and where can I see it from... sorry to bother!

We give same account id as their email address that people used to register to site. It must be one of your email account.

kpopkiseu said: Ah okay thanks! I'm really glad that you replied. It was very helpful.

Your welcome.

wonderfultiffanyworld said: I have my ID for my orders, how do I contact to check where it is? Or any info on it?

Please contact to